Why Choose us?

There are myriad of reasons as to why we are the paragon in the business, the chief reason being that we offer a cocktail of both old and new. Being a brand-new company, you can be guaranteed that we will make sure your enterprise is kept up to date with the latest technological developments.

However, there is a rashness that is brought about by youthfulness. We have been able to stymie said ailment because of the years of experience our partners have.

They have vast experience and top-tier professionalism that can only be brought about by being in the business for numerous years, and from dealing with a wide array of clients.

We are based in Brisbane. Notwithstanding, this does not hinder us from accessing enterprises that require our expertise, since we do have partners strategically located in almost all capital cities the world over.

Furthermore, our remote support system makes it ridiculously easy for us to access anyone and provide support to any enterprise anywhere in the world.

What makes us different from all of the other IT/Managed Services/Technology companies?

We focus, we specialise, we do it consistently, and we are working to build the best company in the world to deliver consistent IT support and services that you can rely on. We are not geeks, or nerds, or dorks, we are IT people that understand business.

When you go to McDonald's or Woolworths or Coles or drink a Coca-Cola, what do you get?


You can be quite confident that the product is just as good as the last one you had, and it'll get the job done.

In the IT world, it is very uncommon to find a business that consistently delivers solutions, provides good support with good knowledge of your environment or similar environments, and applies consistent methodologies.

The best you can hope for is that your favourite tech/engineer at your IT provider never leaves the job, as they remember how you were set up, because he built it.

That is where we are different.

We are building a business where we deliver products and solutions that are off the shelf, created following a recipe, clearly documented, and as cookie cutter as possible.

If you did have another person look at the solution, they'd find everything just makes sense, and it's as simple as possible.

The technology changes all the time, but our attitude and way of looking at things/doing things is consistent.

We look at how good a product is, if it's fit for purpose, how it is secured, how it has been built, and what has changed from what we know.

We look for the backout plan, the decommission plan and the upgrade plan for the future.

We check that the product has been effectively tested, and has been out on the market for long enough that most of the bugs are ironed out.

This approach to evaluating technology and not just taking on any project, means that we can consistently deliver, and you can trust that whether you use one of our staff or agents in your local town, or call our remote service desk, you'll have qualified staff that are fully informed and able to help with your request.

If our solutions don't fit your need, we will partner with somebody, or point you in the direction to help you along the way.

We aren't a jack of all trades and master of none.

Because of our approach to consistency and reliability, and our goal to build a business that will have someone that works our way as near as possible to your sites, we work very well with others.

Whether it is your internal IT team, your favourite local IT guy, or a Managed Services provider. If however we do find that they aren't doing the right thing by you, we are not afraid to have a frank and open conversation.

While we are just starting out as a new business born in a pandemic, through our partnerships of like minded companies and extensive experience, we can already deliver enterprise grade solutions, and within a few short years we plan to have partnerships or our own staff physically located all across Australia and NZ in both capital cities and large regional towns.

We are here to help you realize where you are losing money on lost productivity, staff turnover from frustration with IT equipment, or spending money on the wrong technology or fixes. First we'll find what is wrong, then we'll help get it fixed.


"MIACOR IT is a reliable, experienced IT Company with a sound understanding of business requirements. Friendly can-do attitude with great remote support for us as a rural company. Moving to MIACOR IT as our business IT support has been an asset and great value."

 - Kay, Office Manager, Boonah Carrying Co

"MIACOR IT has become a great partner for our business. Their pragmatic advice, recommendations and support ensures we are getting solutions that are right for our business. They are an engaged team that are invested in our business’ success. They have helped us in critical situations, ensuring zero downtime and loss of income to the business."

- Jordan, IT Infrastructure Manager

"Mark and the team at MIACOR IT have been extremely professional, knowledgeable and prompt with regards to all our ICT needs. Being a small/medium size business we rely heavily on our outsourced ICT support and with our 20 years in business and just as many years of experience with outsourced ICT support, we believe MIACOR IT to currently be one of the top industry players in their field of expertise. We have no hesitation in recommending MIACOR IT to any business looking for a Tier1 ICT support company to enhance their business operations."

- Des, Business Owner