Our recommendations are helpful for you to share with your current IT team, external providers, internal management and those charged with looking after IT.

As always, we work together with your team to find opportunity for improvement, but also point out the wins that your team have worked hard to achieve.


Outsourcing projects:

IT is a very difficult industry to work in. There are thousands of options for software and hardware to choose from, and the learning curve for some products are astronomical.

Most IT professionals learn by doing, and the first time they do something, they learn a lot of lessons. Testing in production is cowboy behaviour and should be avoided at all costs.

It is often best to engage the help of someone who has experience, has done it before, knows all of the 'gotchas', and knows how to minimize interruption to business.

IT is quite cyclical, with refreshes only happening every few years for each business, so the internal team is fantastic at supporting the current and new environments, but external providers have the benefit of having done many migrations of the same time and are able to provide a fixed priced and scoped solution.

One big concern with outsourcing is that the internal team miss out on the opportunity to learn the new technology, and at the end are left with something they don't fully understand how to support.

We actively work to avoid this by engaging and involving them in the process at each stage, and providing instructions and training on the new systems being deployed. We are all about sharing knowledge.

Extra hands:

Having someone work with you to provide guidance and advice on new technology can be an eye opening experience. With years of working at varying levels with businesses across many industries, we are able to provide advice, suggestions, plans, and assist with scoping projects.

We find this works very well to have a day per quarter to catch up, collect information and provide a quarterly review of the changes, improvements, issues and incidents over the past period to keep track of how everything is tracking.

We specialize in creating Work Breakdowns and scheduling/prioritizing work and providing advice on how best to get things done with limited resources.

These services don't cost the earth, and are rightsized for the small to medium business market to ensure you are getting value for money.

Consulting engagements:

Sometimes you just have too much to do with a small team, and bringing in a flexible partner allows you to get extra boots on the ground to get things done during the busy times!

We can provide onsite or remote assistance on an hourly basis to backfill in for absent staff, provide extra hands at peak times, or provide resources with extra skills for your team to leverage.

We have onsite staff available in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, or other areas by arrangement. Getting site inducted and travelling to mine sites or remote plant is par for the course for us.

Project Management

Are some of your IT projects getting out of hand and never getting done? Are there a lot of moving parts and finding it difficult to get the work completed by your current team, or an outsourced provider?

We can help by providing project management services to help you along the way.

It's common for us to find projects get out of hand quickly, with communication, scope and budget management not being core IT professional skills for many great techs!

How do we help?

At any stage of a project, we can jump in, evaluate the current situation, redefine the scope, confirm the status and get working with the team to set achievable delivery dates and realistic budgets.

Even small projects can benefit from this type of oversight, and even creating that separation between the person doing the work and the person managing the project can have great benefit for all involved.

Critical Issue/Emergency Support

Do you have an emergency support request and your IT team or provider can't seem to crack it, or it's taking too long?

This is a common problem with many businesses, where they don't have someone to turn to in a real emergency if they are in over their heads.

We've seen major manufacturing plants shut down for 3-4 days due to network problems.

It's amazing how often we hear these horror stories, and with our vast experience and team of experts that we can call on, we can point out how many of these could have been fixed in a day, if the right person was on the job.

We pride ourselves on being the best at identifying and resolving issues with extremely complex environments.

Sometimes people don't want to reach out for help for fear of being shown to be incompetent. But often that is farthest from the truth.

Don't be shy, give us a call and give us a brief rundown of the problem, and we'll provide an estimate on what we might require to do to investigate and fix it, and we can proceed from there.

We'll also tell you if it's outside of our capability, and work closely with a partner and you to get the best outcome.