Manufacturing & Mining

For manufacturing businesses, especially those with computer controlled plant equipment, we understand that keeping production running is the number one priority.

We've worked with customers with all kinds of plant equipment, and have developed a number of policies and procedures around how things should be handled to maximise productivity and reduce risks.

It is second nature for us to help segregate networks to keep production networking separate from the business network, as they have different requirements.

We know that production systems needs to be highly available, very little change, secure and reliable. Whereas business networks need security, flexibility and functionality.

Our time working with electricity producers, mining sites, and bulk producers has tooled us up with what to expect for OHS requirements, and system design and implementation requirements to ensure things keep working in the challenging environments of a workplace, which is very different to the inner city offices!

We partner with firms that implement and support SCADA control systems for businesses, while we work on the advanced networking and get the business systems working to procure, invoice, coordinate and support the production functions.

Talk to us about how we can support your sites, no matter where they are, and how we work with local suppliers in your town to deliver value back to your community while leveraging our skills and experience.

Medical Industry

General Practice doctors, specialists and other medical services have some very special requirements for their IT systems that require similar care and attention to that which they provide their customers.

Security and privacy of client information is of paramount importance, along with needing IT systems running smoothly all throughout the day as timing of sessions with patients cannot be interrupted.

We build IT systems for the medical industry to be thoroughly tested, highly available, secure and with simple process fallback to ensure you can continue to see your patients without having to close down.

Working around your busy schedule to keep you on track throughout the day is our priority, as we'd rather take the time to fix issues when you don't have patients backing up in the waiting room.

Our experience in making sure your systems are running optimally, are backed up and protected allows you to get on with what you are best at, and maximizing your return on investment.

Call us today to see how we can help your staff have faith in technology, and keep them on track to looking after your clients.

IT/Technology Business

We are very different in our approach to working with other IT businesses.

We have identified that in the IT market there is too much under cutting, short selling and behaviours that don't have the client's best interest at heart.

Our people are brought together with a common mission to rid the world of cowboy IT operators, and work with existing quality providers to extend one another's reach, or depth of skillset by sharing IT resources.

Our ethics set us apart that we will work as if we are part of your team delivering for your customer to get the best results as we believe in win-win..

For years we have worked in project teams that are a makeup of many IT companies working together to create great things.

It is hard to be an expert at everything, and trying to have all of the answers will only end in client's not getting the best solution for their requirements.

We offer transparency, collaboration and fairness in all of our dealings with customers, partners and suppliers. It is through these partnerships that we can work in confidence with internal IT teams, Managed Services providers, and independent contractors.

Accounting and Financial Services

We know how hard it is for firms to attract great talent, and to enable them to maximise their time to providing value to their customers.

In industries such as accounting where clients pay per hour, downtime can be very costly. In financial advice, investment and trading every second counts to avoid missing out on great deals on share offers.

When your clients depend on your for their very livelihood, you can't have IT systems letting you down

We understand the need to have reliable and flexible computing which provides your staff with the information they need, when and where they need it, securely delivered.

We don't pass the buck when it comes to supporting your applications. We work closely with MYOB, Quickbooks, Xero, Leap, Affinity to make sure the user experience is put first, and if there is an issue we will identify and resolve alongside these partners, not just find someone to blame.

The solutions that we provide are tailored to your requirements, and we work with you to make sure you meet your compliance requirements whether they be privacy, security of data, or PCI.

Call us today to see how we can help your staff be happier and more productive, regardless of where you are in Australia.


With our background in education and schools, we have a long and proud history of designing, building, and supporting school computing, networks, internet and telephony.

Schools, can use our expertise to to provide desk side support, server support, new deployment and refresh projects, network design, troubleshooting and support, and guidance on best practices.

We work as part of your IT team - to fill skill or demand gaps in the teams because they either need specialised skills, or are otherwise focussed or are just too busy.

We recognise how difficult it is to keep up with the latest trends in IT, and then discern what will and what will not work. We often act as a sounding board and a bridge between many of the schools we support to share experiences with technology and products so that the people on the ground don't feel alone.

Recent projects in schools include

  • wireless mapping, design, and deployment
  • BYOD design, testing, and deployment
  • Office365 migration
  • network monitoring and alerting systems, and
  • migrations to the cloud!

Maybe we can help? Please give us a call or email today to discuss how you can join our community and leverage us to improve your school!

Not for Profit

The Not For Profit sector is one that is very close to our heart. We understand that every dollar you spend on technology is one dollar less that you can spend on your cause.

Over the years we've worked very closely with many NFP organisations in Australia, and we've taken the time to research the discounted or donated licensing that is available to you, and work with our suppliers to provide discounted equipment.

We also take the time to understand the reason why your organisation exists, and come up with innovative ways to use technology to help you with your service delivery.

Whether the people in your organisation are mostly volunteers or if they are part time/casual or fulltime staff, we work with you to maximise their time spent with you by making sure the technology works.

Maybe we can help? Please give us a call or email today to discuss how you can join our community and leverage us to improve your IT.