Welcome to MIACOR IT

Reliable IT Support and Managed Services

We specialise in working with IT teams to identify opportunities for improvement in your computer network, systems and processes to deliver improved experience and resilience for your users. 

By keeping up to date with the latest technologies we are able to provide guidance and assistance for your internal or external IT teams to deliver best practices in a cost effective way.

Our focus is on doing it right the first time, standardising and keeping it simple allow us to consistently deliver great outcomes for your business.

Our website showcases many of the offerings we have, and we are more than happy to take a call to discuss your situation and what you might be interested in with no obligation to buy. If we can't help you, or it's not the right fit, we'll tell you!

IT Audits

  • Network
  • Server
  • Endpoints
  • Security
  • Documentation

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IT Consulting / Outsourcing

It is often best to engage the help of someone who has experience, has done it before, and know how to minimise disruption.

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Project Management

How do we help? We can help by providing project management services to help you along the way.

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Emergency Support

We pride ourselves on being the best at identifying and resolving issues with extremely complex environments.

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Cloud - Azure and Microsoft 365

We specialize in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure for cloud products. We also work with many other vendors and their cloud products as well. We can help you decide where they best fit to save you money, or give you extra features that will improve productivity or increase resilience of your infrastructure, or reduce your risk.


Why Choose Us?

We focus, we specialise, we do it consistently, and we are working to build the best company in the world to deliver consistent IT support and services that you can rely on.

We are not geeks, or nerds, or dorks, we are IT people that understand business.

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IT/Technology Business

We are very different in our approach to working with other IT businesses.

We have identified that in the IT market there is too much under cutting, short selling and behaviors that don't have the client's best interest at heart...

Not for Profit

The Not For Profit sector is one that is very close to our heart. We understand that every dollar you spend on technology is one dollar less that you can spend on your cause.

Over the years we've worked very closely with many NFP organisations in Australia...

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